Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for New Building Expansion

McNally Industries is very excited to take occupancy of our new assembly and test facility.  The new 17,500 square foot facility is located on the parcel of land directly north of McNally’s main 50,000 square foot facility located at 340 West Benson Ave.  

The new facility provides a 75% increase compared to the space McNally vacated.  The move began this summer and primary operations are underway with the final internal test facility scheduled for completion in late October.  The expansion is needed to accommodate both new programs like BAE’s turret drive assembly for their new Mobile Protected Firepower Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) as well as the growth of legacy programs like the Army’s Mortar Weapons Systems, the transmission make-up pumps for L3/Harris’ new HMPT-800 transmission being installed in Bradley and Paladin as part of a major modernization program, and the AMPV (Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle) which is a new BAE GCV and now ramping up production. 

McNally’s support of the Navy’s Mk 6 Ammunition Hoist also continues to grow as the fleet of DDG-51 destroyers expands.  “McNally has been very blessed in recent years with strong and growing programs as well as a very skilled and dedicated workforce” said McNally CEO Jim Segelstrom. 

You can review McNally and their programs in more detail at www.mcnally-industries.com.