Ammunition Handling

McNally has been the supplier of the Mk 6 Ammunition Hoist, a subsystem of the Mk 45 Gun, to the U. S. Navy and many allied Navies since 1987. The Mk 6 Hoist lifts the 5” projectiles and propelling charges from the US Navy Ship’s (DDG & CG) magazine, where sailors manually load the hoist, up to the Mk 45 Gun loader level (ready service room) where rounds automatically transfer to the gun.

We have also been a long-time supplier of complex components of small and medium-caliber weapon systems (7.62mm through 30mm) as well as many larger weapons systems. We specialize in:

  • Entrance units
  • Exit units
  • Feeding systems
  • Complex housings
  • Machined, tolerance critical parts

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