Technical Data Package

One of the services McNally Industries provides to its customers is the development and review of complete technical data packages and qualifying test assets. As the U.S. military extends the useful life of a significant number of weapon systems and platforms, both the availability and usability of legacy technical data packages have become a serious issue.

In many cases, the original equipment manufacturer no longer exists or no longer supports the product. That’s why the services we provide in this space are so important:

  • Full TDP Development: Using state-of-the-art reverse engineering tools and techniques together with deep institutional manufacturing experience, our engineers have the ability to develop full manufacturing drawings and instructions using only a sample part. As part of this development service, McNally will provide test assets to the customer for any qualification needed. Additionally, based on the qualifying work performed, McNally becomes an approved source for the production of the component or system and can offer the customer a seamless handoff from design to production. This process also introduces the benefit of competition if a sole source procurement situation exists.
  • TDP Updating or Clean-up: In some cases a legacy TDP exists, but is of poor quality, is not in electronic form, or is in 2D rather than 3D. McNally’s engineers will take an existing TDP, ensure the instructions are complete and translate them into the most current software for use by the customer. This includes 3D modeling to the ASME 14.41 standard.
  • Review for Manufacturability: McNally’s engineers will work closely with the customer during the design phase of a new product or part to minimize the manufacturing cost associated with the design. Many times a part will be engineered with certain form, fit and function in mind, but without enough attention to the difficulty (and corresponding cost) to manufacture. Working with the customer’s design engineers, McNally’s manufacturing experts can identify where a design element will drive higher cost and can recommend changes that do not affect the function of the component, but significantly reduce cost and lead time.
  • Electronics: The company has the ability to develop TDPs for electronic and electromechanical assemblies including wire harnesses, actuation assemblies and beyond.

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