Precision Machining

One of the core strengths of McNally Industries is our ability to machine difficult materials for applications that require the highest level of precision. We have deep experience working with aluminum, all stainless steels, k-monel, maraging steel, titanium and other exotic materials and composites. In fact, due to the large number of gun system work we perform, McNally Industries is the country’s largest manufacturer of components manufactured from maraging steel. Machined tolerances from castings, forgings or bar stock are routinely held to a tolerance of .0001.

While we have internal milling capability up to a 40-inch cube and turning capability to 6 feet in diameter, McNally Industries will utilize outside suppliers for requirements that exceed these dimensions. In addition to CNC milling and turning, we have EDM (both sinker and wire) and grinding capabilities.

The products we manufacture are incorporated into a wide variety of defense platforms for all branches of the military, including components for medium-caliber weapon systems, night vision systems, power transmission systems, sonar systems, mortar systems and many others.

Metal Joining

McNally Industries has been providing welding services for military customers and defense applications throughout the entirety of it’s nearly 80-year history. The company‚Äôs experienced welders are certified in various weld processes, including Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding, for both steel and aluminum and for numerous procedures and positions. Our welders undergo periodic advanced training both to enhance their skills and to maintain their certifications.

In 2008, we installed a 1,250 sq. ft self-contained, state-of-the-art welding facility inside our main production plant. The unit is used for both brazing and welding and includes six fully equipped welding stations with customized lighting and state-of-the-art exhaust and safety equipment to facilitate the precise work required by our customers. 

Overhaul and Repairs

Our overhaul and repair services are integral to the life-cycle support we provide for our customers as well as for our own products. This service entails the ability to restore products into “like new” condition.

In 2008, the United States Navy utilized our facility as a Designated Depot for the Mk6 Ammunition Hoist and we continue today as the Depot for all Mk6 requirements. We perform overhaul and repair for all requirements for assemblies and components associated with the Mk6 Hoist.