Value Engineering Services & DMSMS

McNally Industries offers disciplined value engineering services for all program phases.  From early design engineering during new product design and technical development to redesign, modernization and reverse engineering during sustainment.  Our team has a full compliment of experience and tools including 3D Part Scanner, 3D Printer, CAD Modeling Software and Rapid Turn Machining Center to support unique program needs.

McNally Industries’ strength in design engineering coupled with deep manufacturing experience combine to support our state-of-the-art product development and re-engineering/reverse engineering services. Great candidates for these services are components or systems used on legacy equipment that are in constant need of repair, replacement or where the technical data package is incomplete. McNally Industries supports current programs with DMSMS BOM reviews and we work through our supply chain to identify potential obsolescence concerns and work with our customers to develop a mitigation plan.

Our engineers are adept at working within the constraints of form, fit and function while improving a design for weight, wear, performance, life-cycle costs and basic obsolescence issues. Solutions can be as simple as new materials or repair using new techniques or as comprehensive as an entirely new design.

From concept to design, materials selection to tooling, manufacturing and shipping, McNally Industries transforms ideas into real products and solutions. We focus on enhancing performance and on what is functional, efficient and producible, with an ever-present goal of ensuring the Warfighter has the product they need, when they need it.