Products & Programs

McNally Industries has over seventy years of experience working with each branch of the United States Department of Defense: Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Our products and services have supported the Warfighter on ships, in helicopters, on land combat vehicles, in airplanes, and beyond.

Our products, people and systems are centered on enabling Warfighters to perform their duties more efficiently and safely than ever before. The central focus of our product offerings is to increase the functionality, operating performance, useful life and MTBF of legacy systems. This approach is demonstrated in everything we do, from design engineering to field services. Browse through some of our specified product pages to get a closer look.

Value Engineering Services & DMSMS

McNally Industries offers disciplined value engineering services for all program phases.  From early design engineering during new product design and technical development to redesign, modernization and reverse engineering during sustainment

Technical Data Package Development

McNally Industries uses state of the art engineering tools and techniques together with deep institutional manufacturing knowledge to develop both mechanical and electrical Level III technical data packages (TDPs) for our customers.

Ordnance Systems Engineering & Manufacturing

We have supported product design, development, prototyping and testing of new ordnance systems and the sustainment and upgrade of legacy systems.

Ammunition Handling Systems

This multi-decade program includes engineering, manufacturing of components, management of large sub-contracts, complex logistics, integrated product teams, assembly, functional testing, check-out and storage of the finished system. 

Pump & Fluid Control Systems

Our pumps include Transmission Pumps for Combat Ground Vehicles, Electrical Cooling Pumps for Naval Close In Weapon Systems and Coolant Charging Pumps for Nuclear Vessels.  

Military Ground Support Equipment Manufacturing

Military maintenance crews around the world have come to rely on McNally Industries’ special application tools and ground support equipment to perform their maintenance safely and efficiently.

Mechanized Cable Pulling Tools

McNally Industries is the licensed manufacturer and provider of specialized cable installation tools to support Navy ship construction and modernization.