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This post contains all old news and blog content from McNally Industries’ previous website. Everything included in this archive was shared before 2018, going back chronologically.

McNally Launches their New Development Cell

October 3, 2017 | McNally has placed orders for equipment and invested in staffing for their new, New Development Cell.  This cell will allow for ease of prototyping and small lot production without impacting the main production floor.  The cell has CNC HMC, VMC and Lathe capability to accommodate a wide variety of needs.  The cell will also be an excellent extension of our Laser Scanning, 3D printing and CEtol design and reverse engineering capabilities.

McNally Receives Recognition for Support of Local Warfighters

April, 17, 2017 | The Employee Support of Guard and Reserve (ESGR) recently presented McNally Production Supervisor, Randy Kabrick with the “Patriot Award” and McNally Industries LLC was presented with a “Statement of Support”.  This award is presented to individuals and supporting companies for their willingness to accommodate the flexible work schedules often needed by employee’s enlisted in the Guard and Reserves.  McNally’s is honored to both employ and support local members of the Guard and Reserves.  Congratulations Randy!

McNally Continues to Enhance Design Engineering Department

October 27, 2016 | We’re pleased to announce the addition of a new FARO Edge 3D scanner with the latest Polyworks inspection and GeoMagic reverse engineering software.  These tools put us on the cutting edge of what’s needed to support both DoD and DoD Primes with unsupported legacy programs or programs struggling due to a sole source environment.  We’re anxious to put these new tools to work so please contact us with any special needs.

McNally to support the DORNA FCS system for USN

June 10, 2016 | McNally has entered into agreements with both General Dynamics and Navantia to support the DORNA Fire Control System for the US Navy.  The DORNA is produced by Navantia in Spain and installed on the LCS class combat ships.  McNally will function as Navantia’s product support partner for the US and support General Dynamics who has a 10 year LCS maintenance contract with the US Navy.

McNally Completes 110th MK6 Ammunition Hoist

November 2015 | McNally has successfully completed their 110th MK6 Ammo Handling System.  The system is used in conjunction with BAE’s MK45 5” weapons systems and widely deployed by the US Navy as well as several navies around the globe.  The MK6 is an electro-hydraulic system consisting of 1,500 precision machined components which are then fully assembled and tested prior to shipment.  When the MK6 system is fully assembled it is is 3-4 stories tall depending on the ship’s hull.

McNally Continues Adding More Capacity and Capability

January 26, 2015 | We recently received our latest machine tool addition (see below).  The machine is a new DMG MORI High Precision, High Speed NVX5100 II Vertical machining center.  This machine has unparalleled rigidity and durability, with boxed ways on all axes and a 15,000 r.p.m. 50 taper spindle. It is also equipped with a DDRT High Speed, High Accuracy full 4th direct drive axis with zero backlash. The control was upgraded to a MAPPS IV M750MB which allows for control of up to 5-axes simultaneously. Other options added: 60 tool ATC, Midaco pallet changer & a 1,500 p.s.i. variable pressure through the tool coolant pump with air blast.  We’re very excited as we continue striving to exceed industry standards.

McNally Industries LLC teams with ATK to secure gun contract

February 1, 2013 | McNally Industries teams with ATK to secure BAE Hagglunds 7.62mm chain gun contract for 110 systems.  The guns are part of the BAE CV9030N weapons system upgrade package being delivered to the Norwegian Army. McNally Industries is an exclusive manufacturer of key components of the Bushmaster 7.62mm chain gun for ATK.

McNally Industries LLC and Profense LLC enter into a Strategic Partnering Agreement to produce the M134 mini-gun system

July 23, 2012 | The agreement provides for the joint Business Development and Manufacturing of the M134 for the US Department of Defense as well as International markets.  With an estimated 20,000 systems fielded the market now has a new industry leader for both new systems and spare parts support.  McNally and Profense’s many years of experience manufacturing weapons systems combined with an AS9100c quality certification assures customers of the timely delivery and quality they desire.  Please contact us with any questions or requirements.

McNally Industries receives our AS9100 Rev C Certification

June 22, 2012 | After several months of process development, documentation and measurement McNally Industries is proud to announce receipt of our AS9100 Rev C Certification, PRI, our certifying authority, stated McNally’s systems are equal to or superior to those of large Aerospace primes. This achievement opens up significant market opportunity for McNally’s, particularly with potential Aerospace customers. Great work by our entire team!

McNally Industries awarded a $1 million dollar Deluge Valve contract

May 24, 2012 | McNally Industries was recently awarded a $1 million contract to supply the Navy with solenoid operated Deluge valves.  The valves are used in a variety of shipboard fire suppression applications.  McNally’s capability of precision machining, complex assembly (both mechanical and electrical) along with testing facilities are the factors that produced this win!

McNally Supports L3-CPS with new Bradley Transmission

November 8, 2011 | McNally Industries has begun manufacturing the first 16 pumps to be incorporated into the new 800hp transmission designed for the Bradley GCV upgrade.  Extensive use of IED’s by enemy forces has generated the need to up-armor the Bradley.  The added weight of the new armor resulted in an underpowered propulsion system and sluggish performance.  The result was development; test and approval of a new 800hp system containing a transmission pump designed and manufactured by McNally Industries.  The upgrade program is expected to continue for several years with well over a 1000 Bradley’s receiving the 800hp system.  When the upgrades are complete the warfighter will have a much safer platform to perform their duties.

Phalanx Systems are now more Reliable and Less Expensive

July 15, 2011 | McNally Industries in collaboration with Raytheon has completed an engineering upgrade that greatly improves the Life Cycle Cost of the Phalanx Guns System’s electronic cooling pump.  The enhanced material now being incorporated into all new and refurbished cooling pumps is projected to more than double the current service life.  The reduction in downtime improves all the benefits generated by CWIS.  McNally Industries engineering and manufacturing are proud to have led this effort.

The RUPHIS continues to hum

April 12, 2011 | After exhibiting in AVCRAD, APACHE, and upcoming exhibits at AAAA and the Domestic and International Blackhawk Helicopter Users Conferences, the RUPHIS (Rotor Universal Positioning and Handling Integrated System) continues to dominate the helicopter blade removal market. We now have in excess of 150 systems fielded with fantastic results.  For more details please view the “Bladeclamp” video on our homepage. Click Here to review our array of unique and innovative Blackhawk hand tools.

Agreement with Joint Venture Yulista & SES

February 10, 2011 | McNally Industries is pleased to announce the finalization of a cooperation agreement with JVYS (Joint Venture Yulista & SES). The focus of the relationship is to provide both engineering services and an alternative source of supply for the sustainment of legacy military systems. Any agency within the Department of Defense can utilize this resource via a “Government-to-Government” funds transfer enabling contract placement in less than two weeks.  Through this arrangement, the military will have a contract resource as well as the capability to provide needed hardware to the Warfighter, or to obtain other critical services on an expedited basis.

Ike Nordrum Promoted to Quality Manager

January 10, 2011| McNally Industries is pleased to announce that Ike Nordrum has been promoted to Quality Manager.  Ike has been with McNally since 1980 and has served in many roles from machinist to contract specialist.  He was an integral part of the development team for the Company’s original ISO implementation.  Ike’s in-depth knowledge of the company’s parts and processes; his training in quality systems and his unwavering attention to detail give him the ideal skill set for this important position.  Ike has extensive training in FAR, WAWF, ITAR, is a Certified Quality Technician, and has been a member of American Society of Quality since 1990.

Dave Woodman promoted to Procurement Specialist

January 10, 2011 | McNally Industries is pleased to announce that Dave Woodman has been promoted to Procurement Specialist.  In his new position, Dave is responsible for coordinating the procurement of raw material, castings and forgings, outside vendor operations and purchased material such as hardware.  Dave has most recently been responsible for procurement of Outside Processes and this promotion recognizes the quality of his work in that area.  Dave has been with the company since 2005 and previously managed the shipping, receiving and related responsibilities of a $100 million (revenue) manufacturing company.

Jeff Linke promoted to Vice President of Sales & Marketing

January 1, 2011 | McNally Industries is pleased to announce that Jeff Linke has been promoted to Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Jeff began his McNally career in 2001 in the Manufacturing Engineering department and was selected to join the Sales & Marketing team in 2003.  Shortly thereafter, his career was interrupted for the second of his two tours of duty in Iraq.  Since his return, his roles in business development, customer service, and as part of the McNally Industries management team have continued to expand.   Jeff’s engineering background, detailed understanding of the company’s capabilities, and his first hand knowledge of military hardware and programs combine to provide the ideal qualities and experience needed to take on this important role. 

Don Erickson retires

December 31, 2010 | It is with mixed emotions that McNally Industries announces that, after thirty years of devoted service to the company, Don Erickson has decided that he would like to spend a little more time fishing and traveling with his wife, Chris, and a little less time at work. While we are happy for Don and know that this has long been his plan, we will miss the daily dedication and drive that he has always brought to the company and our customers. Don was one of the pillars upon which McNally was built and has been sustained.  We salute his service to the company and to the ultimate customer, the U.S. Warfighter.

McNally Industries acquires Pacific Aero Tech

Septemer 21, 2010 | McNally Industries, LLC announced today that the company has acquired the operating assets of Pacific Aero Tech, Inc. (Pac Aero). Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, McNally Industries is a privately held aerospace and defense engineering and manufacturing company with operations in Grantsburg, Wisconsin and Albuquerque, New Mexico. The acquisition is part of McNally’s ongoing strategy to expand its presence in the commercial aerospace aftermarket.