April 12, 2011 | After exhibiting in AVCRAD, APACHE, and upcoming exhibits at AAAA and the Domestic and International Blackhawk Helicopter Users Conferences, the RUPHIS (Rotor Universal Positioning and Handling Integrated System) continues to dominate the helicopter blade removal market. We now have in excess of 150 systems fielded with fantastic results.  For more details please view the “Bladeclamp” video on our homepage. Click Here to review our array of unique and innovative Blackhawk hand tools.

February 10, 2011 | McNally Industries is pleased to announce the finalization of a cooperation agreement with JVYS (Joint Venture Yulista & SES). The focus of the relationship is to provide both engineering services and an alternative source of supply for the sustainment of legacy military systems. Any agency within the Department of Defense can utilize this resource via a “Government-to-Government” funds transfer enabling contract placement in less than two weeks.  Through this arrangement, the military will have a contract resource as well as the capability to provide needed hardware to the Warfighter, or to obtain other critical services on an expedited basis.

January 10, 2011| McNally Industries is pleased to announce that Ike Nordrum has been promoted to Quality Manager.  Ike has been with McNally since 1980 and has served in many roles from machinist to contract specialist.  He was an integral part of the development team for the Company’s original ISO implementation.  Ike’s in-depth knowledge of the company’s parts and processes; his training in quality systems and his unwavering attention to detail give him the ideal skill set for this important position.  Ike has extensive training in FAR, WAWF, ITAR, is a Certified Quality Technician, and has been a member of American Society of Quality since 1990.

January 10, 2011 | McNally Industries is pleased to announce that Dave Woodman has been promoted to Procurement Specialist.  In his new position, Dave is responsible for coordinating the procurement of raw material, castings and forgings, outside vendor operations and purchased material such as hardware.  Dave has most recently been responsible for procurement of Outside Processes and this promotion recognizes the quality of his work in that area.  Dave has been with the company since 2005 and previously managed the shipping, receiving and related responsibilities of a $100 million (revenue) manufacturing company.

January 1, 2011 | McNally Industries is pleased to announce that Jeff Linke has been promoted to Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Jeff began his McNally career in 2001 in the Manufacturing Engineering department and was selected to join the Sales & Marketing team in 2003.  Shortly thereafter, his career was interrupted for the second of his two tours of duty in Iraq.  Since his return, his roles in business development, customer service, and as part of the McNally Industries management team have continued to expand.   Jeff’s engineering background, detailed understanding of the company's capabilities, and his first hand knowledge of military hardware and programs combine to provide the ideal qualities and experience needed to take on this important role.